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3 Questions You Should Ask Before Forming A Portfolio Strategy

Social Media Disruption Whether you have a financial advisor, get help from your friends and family, or are your own consultant, there are three key questions you need to ask before creating a portfolio strategy, according to a new report from the Motley Fool's Robert Brokamp . Each question will help you grasp an issue that is directly relevant to either you or your investments. They are: 1. What's the time horizon for your portfolio? Knowing how long you need your money to last is essential to creating a portfolio strategy.

First Step to a Winning Investment Strategy

First Step to a Winning Investment Strategy image Biogen Idec Inc. Chart3 Its important to get at least some understanding of the potential for economic growth, as this will impact your investment strategy. Recent data is definitely making me ask the question: just how strong is the level of economic growth in America? We all know that this holiday season was much weaker than expected for retail companies. Considering that consumer spending fuels the majority of economic growth in America, this is certainly not a positive environment for that sectorbut that shouldnt be a real surprise to my readers, as I have recommended an investment strategy that has avoided retail stocks for months. If economic growth is weak in retailing, are there any bright spots for larger goods? According to the U.S.

Understanding "Buy" and "Hold" as an Investment Strategy

Warren Buffett is listed on the Forbes 2012 Worlds Billionaire list as the third-richest man in the entire world. He relies on a buy and hold strategy for investments, and it can be argued that as an investment strategy, its one of the best options you have for increasing your wealth over the long term, in most every situation. Tax Benefits of the Buy and Hold Strategy One reason many investors prefer to buy and hold investments is that you defer capital gains taxes, money you would have otherwise paid tax on, while it continues to earn additional money. It is actually enabling you to make money from the money you would have owed in taxes, which further increases your earnings over time.

Creative Strategies Can Boost Presence Of Local Property Investors In Gold Coast Real Estate Market, Says Rick Otton

The success of creative strategies comes from facilitating flexible payment terms between the buyer and seller, rather than forcing the buyers to pay the entire value of the real estate in one big payment. This forward thinking approach helps any buyer, young or old, buy a house without needing a large amount of cash deposit or even applying for a new home loan with the bank, according to Mr. Otton. Rick Ottons upcoming stop to the Gold Coast is on 23 February 2014. You may claim your free seat at today. About Rick Otton For over 23 years property millionaire Rick Otton has built an impressive real estate portfolio using innovative strategies that he has developed strategies in which transactions are made without the need for traditional bank-type loans.

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