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How To Buy Gold

Some financial advisers recommend keeping up to 5 percent of your portfolio in gold to help stem portfolio volatility. There are many ways to buy gold. The real deal. Gold bars and coins are the best option for those who want to keep their gold close at hand. Jewelry represented 54 percent of total gold demand in 2010, according to the World Gold Council. Funds and ETFs.

Ignore the "buy gold now" crowd

The fact is that gold doesn't correlate with inflation. Instead, it tends to correlate with monetary policy. Gold tends to rise when monetary policy is easy, such as during the 1970s and 2003 to present. When monetary policy tightens, as was the case in the 1980s, gold tends to fall. While we don't know when, it's highly likely mike dillard the elevation group affiliate that the Federal Reserve will eventually tighten monetary policy, ending and eventually reversing its policy of quantitative easing (bond buying).

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