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Investment Strategies 2014: How To Invest In Any Market

By trying to sit out the market and wait for the next correction, investors miss out on most of the market's moves upward, convinced that the market will collapse any day, only to see it go up another 50% or more before that 30% fall eventually does happen. Youcaninvest in any market Dollar-cost averaging is a great way to take a lot of the guesswork out of investing, especially for anyone who's regularly (monthly, quarterly) putting new money into a retirement or investment account. Whether you're fresh out of school and just getting started, or only 10 years from retirement, dollar-cost averaging is a simple way for individuals to build wealth by regularly investing into great assets on a fixed schedule. How's it work? The idea behind dollar-cost averaging is simple: Instead of trying to figure out the best price to pay for a stock or ETF , you just start with the company or fund that you've identified as your long-term investment vehicle. ETFs, especially index-based ETFs, are a great vehicle to use, especially for investors who are only able to put away a small amount of money at a time, as they offer broad exposure to multiple companies in multiple industries, providing diversification and protection from a single company carrying too much weight, potentially sinking your returns. Take theRydex S&P Equal Weight ETF (NYSEMKT: RSP ) as an example.

Property investment, don’t be spooked by the numbers!

Property investment, don In 2014, think cash You can't get a jump on this crowd. You can't even compete with them. Chances are, the professional managers you hire via a mutual fund, for 1% of assets or more per year, won't be able to stay ahead either. In October, Ray Dalio, one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world, told a conference audience that "going forward, most investors are not going to be able to produce alpha." "Alpha" is finance jargon for outperforming the market after accounting for risk. In truth, the search for alpha has always been something of a snipe hunt; the word was first used in a 1967 article that showed that most mutual funds didn't deliver it, especially after subtracting fees. Two things have changed since then: More pros admit the alpha game is over, and perhaps more important for you, investing has never been better for those willing to stop playing.

Winning at investing made simple

investing When you start out in the world of real estate investment you will likely start with a relatively small pot and look forward to the future when you can make life changing money. In the early days, when the investment figures available to you are relatively small, you may end up taking more chances than you would normally if larger figures were at stake. However, whether you are investing a relatively small amount of money or looking at a multi-million pound deal in years to come, property investment is all about the figures and you must not get spooked by the numbers. Like any investment, you need to look at the pros and cons, the risks and the potential rewards, and look at the percentage returns.

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