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Untangling Ocwen's Free Cash Flows

Using cash flow tools

I would be quite comfortable however, selling cash collateralized puts: Jan 15 this site put with strike of $45. The bid price is currently $5.3. If the put triggers you would effectively be buying OCN at a price of $39.7/share. If it doesn't get exercised you get a yield of 11.8% for waiting.

Banks to take control of cash flow of Kingfisher Airlines

The company's earnings are parked in these accounts for servicing loans and payment of bills. But after the recent developments, lenders have insisted that a new escrow account be opened with one of the lending banks, said a person on condition of anonymity. "No decision has been taken on where the account will be opened, but there is some understanding ICICI Bank will handle the cash flow through the escrow account. The details of the arrangement and how the account will function are yet to be worked out," said a banker. Elevation Group The designated bank will monitor the cash flows and use its discretion while releasing payments to fuel companies, lenders and aircraft maintenance companies. "The idea is to ring-fence the cash flow to avoid defaults.

Cash flows are completely different from net income But the company is suffering, getting later with supplier payments and struggling to make the payroll. Why? In my consulting practice, I have found that an emphasis solely on financial statements is misplaced. In the majority of enterprises, financial statements are forensic in nature, arriving well after the damage is done and looking entirely in the rear view mirror.

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