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Why I’m Bullish On Gold Mining Stocks

Evaluating Paid Investing Newsletters

Of course, you cant simply have an investment strategy to buy any random stock or sector when it goes down; thats doomed to fail. At some point, for the investment strategy to work, there must be some fundamental strength over the long term. We all know about the pain felt by most gold mining stocks . But dont forget: the market is a forward-looking mechanism. Your investment strategy should not focus on whats happening today, but what is likely to occur over the next several quarters and even years. Why did I recently become bullish on gold mining stocks?

Trading newsletters also suffer from a timeliness issue as recommendations may no longer be applicable when they are put into print. The other two types of newsletters may have more value for investors. In the case of specialty newsletters, investors should beware that they are not simply buying into whatever sector is currently popular (i.e. technology stocks in the late 1990s.) However, some sectors may not be as heavily followed by large company analysts or may require a high degree of specialization.

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